Photo Policy

Pelham Together often publishes photographs and videos of its students and their work on its website, on the Internet, and in its newsletter and mail campaigns and appeals, as well as through local print, online, broadcast and other media (collectively, the “Purposes”).

If you do NOT want Pelham Together to photograph, video and audio record, and publish photos and recordings of your child and your child’s work as described above, please complete the form below and “submit” it to Pelham Together.

Please note:

  • A separate form must be submitted for each child that you do not want photos taken of or shared or whose work you do not want photos taken of or shared.

  • This restriction form does not pertain to photographs or stories of students who are participating in community events. It should be assumed that through participation in these activities, your child and your child’s work may be photographed.

  • At no time will any student with special learning needs be identified as such without prior permission from that student’s parent.

Questions? Contact Laura Caruso at (914) 738-0482 Or at 


Photo Opt-Out Form

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