Our Story

Melissa Ronan (Co-Founder of Pelham CCC and Board Member, Pelham Together) and Laura Caruso (Executive Director, Pelham Together)

Melissa Ronan (Co-Founder of Pelham CCC and Board Member, Pelham Together) and Laura Caruso (Executive Director, Pelham Together)

We are a community-based organization of greater breadth and depth with a mission to ensure a healthy and vibrant community for and with the youth of Pelham.

Recognizing the complementary strengths of each organization, the Pelham PACT Coalition (PACT) and Pelham’s Community Care Center (CCC) joined forces in 2018 to create Pelham Together.

Pelham Together advocates for and develops empowered youth, engaged adults, and energized community partners, harnessing the shared sense of commitment that makes Pelham so unique.

The role of Pelham Together will be to connect our community, inform our families, and elevate our young people.

We believe the Pelham community depends on all of us, a collective “we”, to be actively involved with a shared sense of responsibility.

Our community coalition is made up of all sectors in the community including schools, youth, parents, businesses, local government, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, faith-based organizations, civic and volunteer organizations, youth-serving organizations, media, and prevention experts exemplifying the need for everyone to be involved in support of our youth.

What We Do

Pelham Together has three roles - to connect the community, to inform parents and families of important, youth-related topics, and to elevate our young people.

Connect v2.png

Connect our youth by bridging the age groups to create social events for their peers under the guidance of our Youth Advocate.

Connect our community with Disconnect to Reconnect - a joint effort with the Pelham Chamber of Commerce during Restaurant Week to put away your phone for free dessert.

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Inform parents and families with film screenings such as Screenagers, Angst, and Like with Q&A panels.

Inform the community on the state of Pelham youth through an annual student health survey.

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Elevate our young people through leadership and job readiness opportunities in a summer internship program, and through teen awards for demonstrating empathy, compassion, and perseverance.

Elevate local mental health resources and providers through an up-to-date website.