SummerFest was a HUGE SUCCESS!!

PT T-shirt.jpg

THANK YOU to all who came out for SummerFest yesterday and celebrating what Pelham is all about!! We are so happy it went so well and was enjoyed by so many!! Over 700 people in beautiful Chester Park! Please enjoy the first wave of pics from the talented Todd Cross using the link below, more to follow! We'll post winners of all events soon. There are so many to thank for their their support. This was the accomplishment of so many people from all over town, in big and small ways. The fearless event team, most especially Event Chair Melissa, Ronan, Eileen Miller, Danielle Marrero, Athena Longoria, Todd Cross, Louise Kelly, Irina Brandler, Maura Curtin, Aileen Dose, Clay Bushong, Kit Meyer, and Kate Pringle. Thank you to the Chester Park Association for trusting us with their beautiful park. Thank you to all our sponsors and financial supporters, to be listed in another post. Thank you to the entire PT Board and all our volunteers who were there early to set up and stayed late to clean up. Thank you to all Dog Show judges, Bake-Off judges, Volleyball ref, Pelham students at all the craft, game, and food tables! Thanks to Depot Dave for the food and Stephen Byfield for the amazing music. Finally, thanks to the incredibly talented young musicians we have in this town! Their performances were the best of the best!! With support like this, Pelham Together can keep delivering the programs and supports that keep Pelham a healthy and vibrant community for and with our youth. So grateful to you all! Check out the pics by Todd Cross and Andrea Gottfried!

Laura Caruso