Dr. Luthar Shares Insight About Pelham Teens

Photos by Todd Cross

Photos by Todd Cross

“Resilience rests fundamentally on relationships,” and, as Dr. Luthar suggested, those relationships are the primary influencers on our kids’ behaviors and outcomes. Pelham kids are doing pretty well compared to other like schools, yet there are aspects of parent relationships, peer relationships and school climate that, if focused on, will make the largest impact on well-being outcomes for our kids.

Dr. Luthar shared that alcohol use, particularly binge drinking, is of the highest concern in general for Pelham youth, and identified non-binary students as a group our community needs to focus on. The discussion at the school presentation led to brainstorming on the trusted adult initiatives, and, with the parents she challenged them to think about concrete ways to demonstrate civil discourse on-line in terms of role modeling. Finally, Dr. Luthar encouraged school staff and community members to think about enlisting the help of older youth themselves when facing the challenges of social media among younger youth.

Both the in-school and community presentations included a vibrant Q&A. A full length summary of the data and Dr. Luthar’s slides will be posted on our website soon. Summary article found here.

Thank you to the Pelham Civic Association for their investment in this project and their support of Pelham’s young people.

Laura Caruso