Police vCards

Pelham Police Departments .png

Village of Pelham Police  ‭(914) 738-2800

Village of Pelham Manor Police (914) 738-1000‬

Does your child have the number for local police saved in their phone? In light of recent events and just a good idea in general, Pelham Together is providing parents with a quick way to make sure your child has what he/she needs right at their fingertips in case of emergency.

How do I...?

  1. Select the appropriate link below: "Village of Pelham" or "Village of Pelham Manor"

  2. Smartphone or tablet

    • click the link below

    • this will automatically open the vCard in your "contacts" app

    • follow the prompts to add to your contacts

  3. Computer

    • click the link below to download the vCard file

    • find the vCard file in your downloads folder or desktop

    • click to open the file, this should open your "contacts" program

    • follow the prompts to add to your contacts

  4. How to share with family and friends

    • open the contact and follow the links to "share contact"

    • from a computer, attach the vCard file to an email or text message

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