Welcome Summer Interns!

Welcome Summer Interns!.jpg

Congratulations to Our Summer Interns for 2018!! We are thrilled to announce that Pelham Together (formerly PACT) has selected the 18 interns for Summer 2018! Ranging in age from incoming 9th through 12th graders, boys and girls, and a broad array of interests and experiences, Pelham Together is so excited to work with such a tremendous group of Pelham’s young people this summer. Each intern interviewed with community volunteers and our Youth Advocate to express their interest in this opportunity. The adults who interviewed them all said the same thing…. “what spectacular kids!” If you see them around town, please congratulate them!

Sophia Battaglia, Ryan Chang, Emma Colkin, Jack D’Angelo, Russ DeVico, Dante Gori, Hudson Hardwick, Bhakti Kulkarni, Gabriela Motta, Isabel Perez, AJ Rella, Thomas Roche, Kimberly Rosell, Sidney Skop, Caroline Spana, Nora Tahbaz, Olivia Ting, and  Anna Walkin.

We are also very grateful for the partnerships of so many local businesses, non-profits, government and civic organizations who have agreed to mentor an intern, or two, as part of this program. While we are certain each intern will add value to your organization this summer, we are even more certain that your willingness to support them as they seek to increase their job and life skills will be life-changing. Thank you for being a part of this investment in our young people. If you are connected with or see any of these mentor partners around town, thank them!

Burbio, Holly Mellstrom Realty, Little Flower Yoga, The Picture House, Senator Klein, Plaster Palace, Pelham Art Center, Alice Pirsu Interior Design, Allesandra Biaggi Campaign, Pelham Civics Association, Symmetry Physical Therapy, Pelham Country Club, and Pelham LOFT.

Pelham Together offers this program in partnership with other community groups because we believe in building connections that support youth as they grow into young adults. This community effort is another representation of that unique “connectedness” that is Pelham.

Job readiness and the access to different opportunities along the way, are critical experiences for a young person in choosing a path that is both satisfying and meaningful. If we as a community can build enough partnerships and connections for them, then they will design their own personal roadmap to living a purpose-driven life. We are committed to doing that together—Pelham Together.