Community Programs

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Summer Internship Mentor

If you run a business in the community or are a civic or non-profit leader with a project, Pelham Together has bright, energetic young people to help you over the summer! The Summer Internship Program provides internships for local high school students by placing them at various community organizations following a week-long leadership development training. The sponsoring agency agrees to mentor the intern for a period of 3 weeks, 10 hours per week, and the interns are paid minimum wage. By becoming a partnering organization and hosting an intern, you are an important source of connection, mentoring, and leadership development for the young people in Pelham. learn more >


Parents Talk

Join this group of Pelham parents to plan and enjoy small gatherings to discuss topics of interest in an intimate setting. Whether a recent book or article or a parenting topic we’d rather talk about in person as opposed to social media, parents learn a lot from one another. Across generations, across experiences, our connections benefit our kids and our community. Some of the ways Action team members help is by coordinating speakers, hosting book clubs, suggesting topics, helping publicize events.


Speaker/Film Series

Join this Action Team and help ensure that Pelham is a destination for current authors and distinguished speakers. Invite experts and civic leaders to engage the community in discussion and healthy debate on topics relevant to healthy youth, engaged parenting, and energized community partnerships. Volunteer efforts include research and connecting with experts, coordinating events, arranging books signings, and building panel discussions.

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Alumni Youth Support Groups

PMHS alumni are a wonderful resource for current PMHS students—to connect with, bounce ideas off of, and provide much-needed information and a reality check as students move closer to graduation. During school breaks, holidays, and summer vacation, the Youth Council will organize a few events per year for students to get together, share pizza and conversation in a casual setting. Action Team members are needed to host events and provide general guidance to youth in coordinating these events.


Community Campaigns

Pelham is at its best when we act together—and we’re good at it! This Action Team plans community wide campaigns that address issues of widespread interest to Pelham families. Using print, digital, and social media resources, campaign messaging unites the community around a singular effort in support of a common good. Currently, a technology awareness campaign entitled “Disconnect to Reconnect” is in early planning. Team members tap community interests, coordinate outreach strategies, design visuals, and help spread the message.


Writer’s Corner

If you love to write about a topic you are knowledgeable about, we want to hear from you! Pelham Together hosts a News section on our website,, with entries that promote and elevate local professionals on topics of interest to Pelham families. Articles on youth mental health, anxiety, social media pressure, among others, are some of the most recent submissions. Action Team members discuss topics to investigate and submit articles to be reviewed and posted.